How to Give Your Medium Three-Quarter Bathroom More Appeal

three quarter bathroom ideas st louisThe task of remodeling a bathroom is not an easy one and should not be overlooked. This is because the bathroom means a lot to the overnight guest in your house.

As such, you should select a design that gives your visitors the comfort they need. Primarily, it should be a style that rotates around utility.

The primary concept here is for one to go in there, do their things and then leave without negative comments!

A bathroom style that comes with the visitor-friendly utility is the three-quarter design bathroom. It can make a lot of difference in the way your guests view your home.

For those of you who already have such a design for their bathroom, here are some of the things you can do to make it more appealing.

Keep It Simple

The installation of such things as the shower, sinks, and toilets should just keep it simple. However, the primary theme of simplicity should not imply that this room should be boring.

In fact, St Louis bathroom remodeling specialists insist that it should be done in a way that doesn’t overlook beauty altogether.

Make It An Attraction

Your medium three-quarter bathroom would be given a new appearance and appeal by implementing some changes that are now affordable.

For example, putting in impressive tile work, high drama mirrors, updated fixtures or beautiful lights will turn this space into an attraction.

Not a Main Family Area

To many homeowners, the three-quarter bathroom is not regarded as a major family area. Indeed, the usual occupants of your home make use of the master bathroom or the powder room, and the three-quarter is left for the visitors.

However, bathroom remodeling St Louis companies still are of the view that a considerable attention should be paid to this area.

For instance, laying some emphasis on this bathroom, a homeowner can turn a primarily functional space into a stylish and comfortable room for their day to day bathroom activities.

Replace Panel Doors with Veneers

This area can be transformed into a modern day ‘paradise’ by replacing your raised-panel doors with new ones made of wooden veneers.

You can fix new exotic wood cabinets for the under-sink storage. You will find that the preference for veneers is based on the industry’s shift from trim and panels.

These fixtures are simple to look after and do better than the raised-panel doors. Also, they are like the bridge between the traditional and the contemporary appeal.

Alter Bathroom Location

The 3-quarter bathroom location should be another thing to consider during the remodeling task. Well, it does not mean that you have to shift it to another room, but some renovation can facilitate changing of the windows and doors position of this household facility.

Work On Bathroom Ventilation and Lighting

It is paramount to take care of the ventilation and lighting needs of your three-quarter bathroom. Remember that such an area should be fully lit and ventilated to avoid mishaps and mischief by some people.

As such, you can get this done by your local St Louis bathroom contractor; bearing in mind that lighting and ventilation shouldn’t be overlooked. Would you like to use a bathroom that is damp and poorly lit? I am sure your guests would also dislike such an idea.

Introduce Some Furniture

Other than the original bathroom fixtures, you should consider putting some pieces of furniture in the 3-quarter bathroom for the sake of the users comfort. For example, a laundry cabinet would do better for the users.